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Welcome to Fawke EU (matey).  Unfortunately, due to a server misconfiguration error, this didn’t go live until three days after the poor old Mr. Fawkes’ demise was celebrated.  Ah well.trevordiy.wordpress.com

So What The…?  Well, my name is Miggletorian Fubblestwort – it isn’t, it’s my pen name, but you can call me that and I won’t beat you about your person with the long thin bamboo cane that I’m so fond of.  Actually, Mrs Fubblestwort is fonder of it than I, but I digress…  I’m English, naturally and less than tickled pink by the way things are going in good old blighty these days.http://rpk-tramplin.ru

Re:  The other night;

A Well Known Poem

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent
To blow up the King and Parli’ment.
Three-score barrels of powder below
To prove old England’s overthrow;
By God’s providence he was catch’d
With a dark lantern and burning match.
Holla boys, Holla boys, let the bells ring.
Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
And what should we do with him? Burn him!

And so it was. But one really needs to see “V For Vendetta” for what I believe to be an excellent comment on the state of affairs that poor old Britain finds herself in, today.  Watch the film’s preview below:

Of course, there has been no government-sponsored plague, nor are the country’s police openly walking around like a bunch of goose-stepping Nazis (not just yet..), but it is plain to anyone with their eyes open that our ‘nanny state’ has its nitrile sheathed hand shoved so far up our collective rectae – in just about every area of our lives that something is indeed amiss.

I believe that one day, people will walk by Old England’s headstone and note the inscription;

“Mustn’t Grumble”

In Loving Memory.

The Original Post:

Well, I’m sorry this site is only as big as this page [that was before it became a blog – today.  I rather hope it will grow as I become evermore disgruntled and grumpy –  ed]. I meant to do it last night, but fell asleep watching a film on DVD, having consumed too much cider, as usual 🙂

Thus it was, after doing all the other ‘essential stuff’ today that I didn’t actually even create the domain until 15:00 on this 5th November 2010. If you get to see the site, it will be a miracle, because I have issues even putting it up that fast (no domain name propagation, for the techies – takes 2-48 hours, depending on where you are).  Indeed, this site isn’t a blog, because the installer needed the propagated URL to work.  Thus I had to fall upon my glorious machine (X-Site Pro), so as to facilitate its timely emergence onto the Information Superhighway.


Miggletorian Fubblestwort







Not much updating going on at Fawke.EU these days. Another 5th passed without incident and once again, not even a damp squib was ignited by ourselves. But something momentous and terrible has happened in the lives of many innocent people. I refer of course, to typhoon Haiyan that has hit the Philippines. These people get a very raw deal and with alarming regularity it seems. We’ve provided a link in the form of the Red Cross logo where you can donate, so please do. No, we aren’t involved at all, other than by posting here and trying to get you to help out. Click on the logo below now please:berryjam.ru





The Earth is…  GROWING?mountainsphoto.ru

Flying off the handle?  Nazi Bastards!

How about AntiGravity?

Now which ones are just plain stupid and which give you pause for thought?  Any?  I’ll add more links when I’m next bored 😉


You Gotta Love Politicians

No actual content by me in this post, instead a link to another site.  Mr Bonner introduced someone from Argentina and explains their explanations pretty well.  Some people like to look in the newspapers for the latest financial information.  Well they shouldn’t – not unless they are prepared to read between the lines.infolio-rg.ru


Brilliant, no?  Sure, it’s scary, or should be…  So what’s an ordinary person to do?  “This stuff is way above my head – I just work and get paid – right?”  Sure, until the machine breaks…  So you can’t say I didn’t warn you now.  To do something for yourself – yes, for you, visit my other site at www.GoldMine4You.co.uk (opens in a new window) and start getting some financial protection TODAY.


Speed Cameras – The Public Is Saying “No”

In Britain, speed cameras are part of the normal landscape on our roads today.  As soon as we see one, we slow up – just in case.mensclub24

That can be a bad thing, because people may brake, seemingly without warning for a following motorist and also because people tend to speed where they don’t see a camera.

The solution to that scenario is SPECS, a setup employing two or more cameras that don’t flash.  These simply record the number plate of the vehicle (using ANPR) and calculate the average speed based on the time elapsed between the first and second, or subsequent sightings.  The problem with SPECS is that it’s seen as a very ‘Big Brother’ solution, so many councils won’t allow it.

So, it’s the well-known FLASH!-FLASH!, or at least it was…   The cameras flash alright, but in many cases you won’t be prosecuted as a result.  Why?  Because increasingly, there is a sticker placed over the camera lens.  A significant number of members of the public have taken to disabling the cameras in this way.

“But that’s highly illegal!” I hear you say.  Sure, but consider this.  Firstly, how are you going to catch an anonymous ‘hoodie’ slapping a sticker on the lens in an act which takes about five seconds?  Secondly, every time the police spend half an hour getting the camera down and cleaning it, the hoodie returns a few days later and returns it to an inoperative state.  Thirdly, why is it happening?

I believe the solution is simpler than many would have you believe.  Most people, not all, are speeding because they don’t realise it.  Nobody in their right mind does thirty five miles an hour in a thirty mile an hour limit.  They do so because they are driving at a natural speed – they aren’t driving dangerously.

When you prosecute people in this group, you are damaging the people’s perception of the law and the police.  I’m not suggesting that you ignore the phenomenon, but take appropriate action.  Clearly, some idiot doing 90 past a primary school at 3:30 is a definite candidate for prison and indeed even a person doing 30 in that situation should be made to feel that what they have done is not acceptable.

These days, technology can do so much for us, yet we take little advantage of it.  A camera today is a far more sophisticated piece of equipment than has been seen for the greater part of the last one hundred years.  A camera now, hooked up to an image recognition system (think ANPR, as used in SPECS) can not only identify that an offence has taken place, but also who it was, when linked to a database.  We don’t need anyone manually looking at pictures of cars passing over some stripes on the road.

That being the case, why don’t we start grading the offence of speeding?  For example, if a driver is doing thirty five miles per hour in a thirty mile per hour limit, the system, not people in the office, simply sends them a letter warning the offender that they have been spotted breaking the speed limit and that if they do it again, they will be fined and receive points next time they are spotted doing it in the next three years.  That’s a bit like getting points, without the points.  For most people, this will be enough to keep them on their toes.  After that?  Well, they were warned!

There will always be some though, that won’t behave.  Start making the punishment fit the crime – automatically.  If the speed recorded is say forty, apply the three points and £60 fine.  For fifty MPH it becomes 5 points and £200, for 60MPH, twice the limit,  say nine points and £500 or £1000.  Do you see the correlation here?  Misdemeanour – “Don’t do it again.” Serious offence – “You have done a very bad thing. This is going to change your life and you won’t be able to ignore it.”

I think that if our legal system could show itself to be enforcing laws which protect us instead of penalising us – arguably just for profit (that’s how it’s seen…), then much of the this anti-camera action would stop.  Or at least it might – the problem is that a lot of people now know about the stickers, so perhaps another, more difficult to implement, or undesirable system (SPECS?) must be forced on the public.  But if we do that, then as always, people will find a way around it, so we have wasted more money and public trust.

The bottom line, the message to the authorities is this; “Begin behaving reasonably and appropriately and people will start to trust you again.”  Yes, it might take time, but the sooner you start to pull on the tiller, the sooner the tanker will start to turn.  As it is, the powers that be are heading into shallower and shallower waters.



Yeah, we know, we’re late this year.  And do you know, we did not light a single banger – not even a sparkler.   But while we were busy being boring, the group that refers to itself as ‘Anonymous’ was very busy up in London wearing the masks and trying to get their point across.  They marched up and down the capital, and upset the good folk of the town and managed to do very little in terms of enlightening people as to the nature of their cause.polvam.ru

They were so successful, that five got arrested and an MP was heard to say that he didn’t know what it was all about.

But we have to ask, do they wear the mask in order to represent the 99% or is it just because they want to walk about anonymously in London and disturb the traffic?

We’d be happy if they’d approach us with a pithy comment or two…

Well, OK, they didn’t and to be frank we didn’t really expect them to, we are just lazy 🙂

So having done some research, this is what we found and we like it;


I think most people would say that they don’t trust politicians, or big business – especially not when they enjoy each others company so much between the sheets.

But what to do?  Isn’t ‘someone’ responsible for looking after our well-being?  The answer is ‘no’.  The answer is that we all need to be mindful of what is going on around us and be prepared to prevent corruption, or the rapidly diminishing freedoms we have now will disappear altogether.  Maybe you can only do one small thing, but consider this; in Britain alone, there are over 60 million of us.  That’s a lot of  ‘little things’ that can soon add up to something far more effective.   Go on, watch the video again and consider where you will be if you just let things continue as they are.

This site does not condone violence, or hatred, or illegal practices of any kind.  In fact, the only people spreading hate, being greedy, corrupt and behaving illegally are the very ones that try to tell us not to do those things.

We can’t do much – a tiny blog that only a handful of people know about, but as the video says, spread the message – that’s your “bit”.


Your Password

I meet so many people who use passwords that they can remember.  I try to tell them not to do it, but it’s no use, they just don’t listen.  I want to convince you not to do this.  Criminals do all sorts of really bad things, from stealing your money, using your bank accounts to launder their dirty money, to distributing child pornography, using YOUR computer.  How are you going to explain this, if it happens to you?dekor-okno.ru

Passwords that you can make out of recognizable words are easily crackable.  It takes a PC (let alone an array of  servers…) very little time to demolish even a non-word, short password.  Try eight random letters and numbers, or your date of birth;


Don’t forget, that the site above doesn’t even try a ‘Dictionary Attack’, which uses ALL human languages – armed with that (and they are),  a malware system is even more effective at cracking your passwords, plus there are also complex algorithms that look for groups of characters and relationships, so don’t use licence plate numbers and stuff like that either.

Today, our online world is full of the need for passwords, so being able to remember a password makes it next to impossible to EFFECTIVELY protect ourselves without help.

Effectively, that’s the issue.  Really, your passwords should be AT LEAST 16 characters long (certainly no less than ten) and consist of a random combination of numbers and letters that DO NOT form words in any language.  Preferably, they should include other characters too; “^(_-*>$+%”.

Most people have trouble with that.  The solution is the use of a Password Manager.  Fortunately, there are two really good ones that are FREE;

ROBOFORM – this sits on your PC or on a USB flash drive and monitors what you do.  Whenever you enter a user name and password combination it picks up on that and remembers it for you.  The next time you visit that same site, it fills-in the details for you.  Roboform is quite good, but the downside is that it doesn’t let you have so much control (also, the free version is quite limited).  However, if you just want something that “just does it for you and you don’t care how” and you don’t have many passwords to remember, then it’s ideal.

KEEPASS – This is an open-source, FREE application that also sits on your PC or on a USB flash drive.  The difference here is that you have to add user names and passwords, plus the address of the site to its simple telephone book-like screen.   You then have to choose which saved entry you want to use and click on a button to go there and the details can be pasted into the correct fields.  It’s not as automated as Roboform but it isn’t hard to use and is, by contrast, really fully free.

Both of these systems require you to have a master password, so there will be some memorizing to do.  This author uses one that is well over twenty letters numbers and symbols.  Type that (start with just twenty random letters and numbers ) into How Secure Is My Password and see how it goes.   Convinced?

O.K. to achieve this, it will take a month, but after that you will never need to look back.  Only you will have the key to all your keys.   First of all, use your Password Manager’s “Generate” function to produce a really long one.  Print it out and keep it with you at all times.   If you lose it, start again – don’t lose it ;-).  Now break that into seven chunks (humans best remember things in multiples of seven).  Practice using it DAILY, or better still, many times during EVERY DAY.  At first it will be hard, but it gets easier.  Try to use the paper less and less.  Eventually, BURN THE PAPER – it’s your ‘Achilles Heel’.

After you have had this in your head for a few months, you will feel confident enough to start swapping blocks around :-).  Later on, you can add-in, or change different blocks.

Now, you can have literally thousands of passwords that you can safely use, because you don’t need to know what they are.  One important point to remember is that passwords should be changed often.  Conventionally, that would be a nightmare, but user “Jimmy Smith” with password “A1ks63$267%o27*9bha1” today can be user “Jimmy Smith” with password “H61!f208(h256Z&+1h’B” tomorrow and it’s no trouble for Jimmy to do it!

Also, Password Managers make it harder for ‘Trojans’ and other malware to capture the data as it is no longer typed in from the keyboard and they use a variety of techniques to prevent the  malware from looking at the internal buffers to grab the data that way too.

So hackers, Trojans and malware (nowadays produced and run by organised crime…) will now find it much easier to attack the other dummies who still try to remember their passwords the old way.   For the criminal, it’s a numbers game and by employing this tactic, you have just made it too hard for them to bother with you, so they will move on to easier pickings.

P.S. If you don’t believe me, head on over to ZoneAlarm’s blog;  http://www.zonealarm.com/blog/2014/01/why-you-should-take-your-passwords-seriously/

Mentioned in the above ZoneAlarm article in a comment was Password Safe, which is also free.  The only people that didn’t like it on the SourceForge site (one, or two – a tiny percentage) thought that it was unsafe to store passwords ANYWHERE – the other 200 or so thought it was a great program that was easy to use!  My thoughts on the ‘hackability’ of software are well yes, thechnically someone could compromise – if they were expert enough.  However, as I said earlier, you are no longer in the group of dumb sheeple that use “johnsmith1978” and stupid stuff like that, or worse, so the busy, ‘time-is-money’ criminals will not bother with you now.  Besides, the whole reason people fail to use good strength passwords and manage them properly is because it is too hard to do.   If this method makes it easier for you and harder for the hacker, then you are one rung up the ladder.  If you find it too hard to create and remember proper passwords, you’ll use daft ones, so this method gets over that.

UPDATE March 2015

Found a site that offers a possible solution for those who absolutely must have a copy of their password with them;


Because all the numbers, letters and symbols are on the card, it might give the finder a springboard – it depends on your strategy for memorizing.  For example, there is no need to pick characters from left to right, or from top to bottom, etc (not suggesting that you would, of course).  Anyway, it looks to be pretty strong, if used properly, but note the caveats about making any kind of marks…


The Life We Have Now

As a species, humanity is often looking forward, imagining all sorts of possibilities, based on what he has learned so far.  We dream and dream and dream.  In the 1970s the universally accepted image of Captain Kirk flipping open his ‘communicator’ while impossible at the time, didn’t seem so far fetched.  The Motorola flip phone is old hat now.  In the late 80s, my PC with a 20MB HDD didn’t seem that bad.  Tasks like a defrag took all day.  I copy to my portable 500GB USB HDD at around 20MB per second now.  Technology is here to stay as long as we don’t kill ourselves first.focuz.ru

Here’s Professor Michio Kaku on some of his ideas for the future.  Professor Kaku isn’t some nut-job spouting off about little green men, this is the guy responsible for String Theory and he’s widely respected by the science community and a lot of hard-thinking people worldwide,  so perhaps you should listen to what he has to say.  This is his YouTube channel;

View On YouTube


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